CDF - website

Redesign of CDF’s website.

Team Inside - website

Redesign of TeamInside’s website, a digital careers specialist.

WebAffaires - website

Redesign of WebAffaires, online payment solution for individuals and professionals proposed by Crédit du Nord Group .

Caï-loah - website

Creation of website of french brand sunset wear Caï-Loah. Directed website with WordPress coupled to WooCommerce to get all the features of e-commerce.

Genin Renovation - website

Creating the showcase website of renovation specialist : Genin Renovation. Integration with HTML5/CSS3 and WordPress development. Graphic versions have followed through the template created by David Genin.

C’est Comme Une Agence - website

Creation of CCUA’s website, agency of amplified communication agency based in Paris. Realization in WordPress to facilitate updating the contents by the team including news regularly published.

MySecurite - website

Editorial, graphic, and technical redesign of french information’s portal MySecurite portal. In addition to thinking about rearranging, my mission was to integrate the new version in HTML5 / CSS3 and achieve development in WordPress.

Auchan Telecom - website

Creating the page setting of the Auchan Telecom operator and its sub pages as a graphic defined page. During this mission, I integrate various pages via a CMS group owner.

Daddy : la course aux sucres - application @en

Front-end development with HTML5 / CSS3 / JS of the new Facebook Daddy’s application. This one features a race with characters, in order to win prizes.

N&C - website

WordPress and Front-end development with HTML5 / CSS3 of N&C consulting firm pricing, revenue management and revenue integrity.

DOCT - website

Website integration one-page of Dual Crisis Online Training which provides training for professionals in crisis management through social media.

My Startup in Paris - website

Front-end and WordPress development for My Startup In Paris, a project of the municipality of Paris.

Office des Seniors - website

Redesign website of Office des Seniors de Chalons-en-Champagne to modernize their image. Update WordPress installed and development of new features.

Rue Fromentin - website

Integration and full development of the WordPress theme for the publisher Rue Fromentin. The site features the works that the publishing house has published a listing of each of its authors, articles related to books and a news section.

André - website

Integration of the new website brand handbags and shoes André. The old website offered a showcase for the brand’s products. This new version includes a system of e-commerce giving visitors the opportunity to order online.